Meet the HG-Computers creations

HG-computer (EU) Ltd. vision is to maximize the home entertainment quality with multi-functional Windows-based devices and deliver the best possible digital audio, video, and gaming experience.


OSMI Rev 2.0

The small OSMI is loaded to strike, and strike fast. Armed with the newest Generation of Intel® Core™ processors and newest Nvidia and AMD Graphic Cards of your choice, the OSMI delivers the power to multitask efficiently and game flawlessly.

Tenuis Rev 1.0

Tenuis is a full spec, high-end PC with a distinct design and functionality for the living room. Due to its sleek design, ultra-silent operation, and easy integration with other home theater components, the system blends perfectly into any existing living room setup.

Concept PAI Rev 1.0

Despite the compact size of the Concept PAI, you still get all of the high-speed input and outputs that you would expect from a high-end gaming PC

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The chance to become part of HGC (HG-Computers), the world’s innovation premium brand, is one of most exclusive opportunities. We are looking for partners who share our passion.

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