We love what we do! This is reflected in everything we do, it's the core of our philosophy, crafting art from steel and performance from silicon.

It is just the

„Everything begins with an idea"

For several years we have been constantly searching for the perfect body for powerful PC, to give our customers the best gaming experience. But none of the existing buildings did not fit our high expectations, even taking into account the profound improvements.

Therefore HGC engineer have refused any compromise and conventions and developed from the ground line of buildings, combining all the knowledge and practical experience over the years of existence of the laboratory. We worked from the overall ergonomics and size, and ending with an innovative cooling system.

We provide simple
solutions to make life easier

„The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Modern Innovation, modern technology We continue to acquire new knowledge, and invest considerable effort to the development of personal computers world wide. We are always ready to offer the latest innovations in computers.
HG Computers fully meet the needs of consumers, we pay great attention to not only the latest technology but also quality of assembly, thermal heating, acoustics, design and other details that are usually overlooked.

Our vision is not only to build the best computer, but also to create the extraordinary! Whether computers, mobile phones, cars or other business fields. Feel free to contact us, so we create something incredible.
One of the most important factors of success HGC - a relationship with our customers and partners. We grow together with you. ,,Innovation is our passion”

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The chance to become part of HGC (HG-Computers), the world’s innovation premium brand, is one of most exclusive opportunities. We are looking for partners who share our passion.

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